Site Analysis

Conversion & Traffic Analysis

If you have monthly high visitor volumes, but don't seem to be aquiring sales, subscriptions or enquiries; our conversion & traffic analysis services are for you.

In-Depth Measurement

Our team will work closely with you to review your web analytics in great detail, highlighting weaknesses, user trends and explain why your website visitors are not converting into customers.

Strategic Planning

Once we have discovered why users are leaving your site prior to a conversion, we will formulate a strategic plan to ensure you are maximising each individual user visiting your website.

Our knowledge of usability, information architecture, and user experience design allow us to effectively highlight key weaknesses within your website. We have an excellent service record for identifiying and adapting existing websites that are suffering and turn them into online environments that promote the users experience and increase profitability.

If you are suffering from a low conversion rate, contact Level Media today and we can show you how to take your website forward.